The Convenience of Direct Marketing– The Way We See It

When people hear the phrase direct marketing, I feel sure that not everyone thinks about the same things. One might think about handing out flyers on the street, posting forms of advertisements, and even calling people on the phone about a certain product. All of these forms of marketing seem pretty direct, right? There is actually a way that is even more direct than the ways I have listed. Here at MMI Marketing, we work with our clients on a face-to-face basis, which is the most direct way yet. If you could think back to a time when you were called about a certain product and maybe you rudely hung up on the person on the phone, or maybe you were that person calling, either way, the experience is not very fun. Phone calls and emails can be inconvenient and even confusing at times. We visit our clients in order to avoid these inconveniences and make the process much easier. Our account managers are extremely personable individuals who excel at at their work because of their ability to connect with clients in a one-on-one setting. By being able to connect in this manner, we are able to build a relationship with our clients rather than just send them a quick email. We trust our clients and they trust us. And, let’s face it, trust makes up the building blocks to any relationship. Because of this, our clients are satisfied and happy with our services to them.

This year we are celebrating our third year of success with working with Verizon and will be taking on a new client, Direct Energy. We’re extremely excited to begin working with Direct Energy and also to continue our success with Verizon. We are expanding rapidly and are even opening two new locations this month! With this success, who knows what will be next! One thing we do know though is that direct marketing has been an extremely effective way for us to work with our clients to gain the success that we have.


About marketingmmi

MMI Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA) represents some the nation’s largest Fortune 100/500 companies. These companies hire MMI Marketing to represent them and build personal relationships with their respective business accounts where other forms of marketing such as: telemarketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing have failed to produce desired results.for presenting to the local business market.
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