Summer at MMI

Now that it is officially summer, the weather is getting hotter and more people are outside enjoying the day. Our employees have expressed how they enjoy being outdoors for some of their day and how they enjoy not being locked up in an office all day. I can agree with these comments. Being stuck inside is not my idea of fun.

Since the weather is getting nicer, people are becoming more active. We, at MMI Marketing, are also becoming more active. We have been looking into local charities and will be attempting to set up a charity event in the very near future. We are extremely excited to begin this process and cannot wait to see the outcomes. Because of our personal success, we want to be able to also give back to the community. We cannot wait to see what the remainder of our summer entails!


About marketingmmi

MMI Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA) represents some the nation’s largest Fortune 100/500 companies. These companies hire MMI Marketing to represent them and build personal relationships with their respective business accounts where other forms of marketing such as: telemarketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing have failed to produce desired results.for presenting to the local business market.
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