MMI Bake Sales

MMI recently began working with the Make-A-Wish foundation! We have recently hosted two bake sales and are hoping to host larger events in the near future. Our bake sales have been rather profitable. MMI has set the goal of $150 for each bake sale. Both times MMI has exceeded its expectations. At the first bake sale that MMI hosted, MMI raised $180+ and at the second bake sale, MMI raised $160+ dollars. Our first goal at MMI is to raise $500 dollars for Make-A-Wish. MMI is beginning to come close to this goal and hope to meet this goal in the near future! The second goal MMI has is to raise $3,900. By raising $3,900, MMI will be able to make a child’s wish come true!!

Make-A-Wish is a fantastic charity and MMI is so excited to be getting involved with them! They have been nothing but helpful to MMI as we begin hosting small events. Come out and support MMI events and help us to make wishes come true!!


About marketingmmi

MMI Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA) represents some the nation’s largest Fortune 100/500 companies. These companies hire MMI Marketing to represent them and build personal relationships with their respective business accounts where other forms of marketing such as: telemarketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing have failed to produce desired results.for presenting to the local business market.
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