MMI Internship Experience

MMI has recenty asked those who are participating in an internship at MMI to write about their experience here. One of MMI’s internship candidates, Brandon, is going into his Senior year at California University of Pennsylvania. He is a marketing major with a graphic communications minor. We are delighted to have him here at MMI as an intern. He is a fantastic candidate and has been a huge asset to MMI. Brandon said that his main reason for choosing MMI was that he wanted to gain marketing experience because that is his major. Take a look at some of the comments that Brandon made about his internship at MMI.

“MMI Marketing definitely gave me the experience I wanted and more. I never expected to learn how to interview, train, and run meetings within an internship. My supervisor, Ashley Allen, was the reason all this was possible because she gave me the opportunity to take that step into the marketing world with MMI. I feel this opportunity at MMI was great for my professional career after I graduate. I will take the skills and knowledge I gained here at MMI and apply that in the class room and in the business world.” – Brandon

Again I will say that MMI has been delighted to have Brandon working with us. It has been a joy to watch him develop within MMI, but also develop as even more of a leader.


About marketingmmi

MMI Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA) represents some the nation’s largest Fortune 100/500 companies. These companies hire MMI Marketing to represent them and build personal relationships with their respective business accounts where other forms of marketing such as: telemarketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing have failed to produce desired results.for presenting to the local business market.
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