MMI Marketing Pittsburgh gets closer to their donation goal to Make a Wish Pittsburgh

MMI team supports Make a Wish

MMI team supports Make a Wish


MMI Marketing Pittsburgh, a local Pittsburgh firm hosts another successful charity event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Ashley Allen, President of Marketing Management INC., said “It’s always a blessing when our staff can take our marketing talents and host a fun local event for such a great cause.”

The charity event that was held at the Smiling Moose in the Southside, was able to raise over $1000 in donations. Thank you to all other local business’ like Mongolian Grille, Hard Rock Café, Joe Crab Shack, Piper’s Irish Pub and Carol’s Confections in Station Square for donating gift cards and other items that were able to be given away as Raffle Door prizes.

The event showcased two local bands that donated their music and their time. 412TUNES started it off with some great cover songs and original music while Far From Sunday rocked out and closed out the show with some of their own music.

MMI Marketing Pittsburgh would like to give a special Thanks to the one responsible for putting this show together was an externship from Kaplan University, Tim Sinagra.

“This was Tim’s idea from day one. His externship wasn’t for very long but he made the best of it and had an incredible turn out. He definitely pulled it off!!” says Chris Rey Assistant Manager for MMI Inc.

MMI Marketing Pittsburgh is the local Marketing Firm for Fortune 100 and 500 clients.

MMI Marketing supports Make a Wish Pittsburgh — $3900 sponsors one child to get their wish and bring a weekend of joy to their life!  Our goal is to sponsor a minimum of two children in 2013.

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MMI Internship Experience

MMI has recenty asked those who are participating in an internship at MMI to write about their experience here. One of MMI’s internship candidates, Brandon, is going into his Senior year at California University of Pennsylvania. He is a marketing major with a graphic communications minor. We are delighted to have him here at MMI as an intern. He is a fantastic candidate and has been a huge asset to MMI. Brandon said that his main reason for choosing MMI was that he wanted to gain marketing experience because that is his major. Take a look at some of the comments that Brandon made about his internship at MMI.

“MMI Marketing definitely gave me the experience I wanted and more. I never expected to learn how to interview, train, and run meetings within an internship. My supervisor, Ashley Allen, was the reason all this was possible because she gave me the opportunity to take that step into the marketing world with MMI. I feel this opportunity at MMI was great for my professional career after I graduate. I will take the skills and knowledge I gained here at MMI and apply that in the class room and in the business world.” – Brandon

Again I will say that MMI has been delighted to have Brandon working with us. It has been a joy to watch him develop within MMI, but also develop as even more of a leader.

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MMI Bake Sales

MMI recently began working with the Make-A-Wish foundation! We have recently hosted two bake sales and are hoping to host larger events in the near future. Our bake sales have been rather profitable. MMI has set the goal of $150 for each bake sale. Both times MMI has exceeded its expectations. At the first bake sale that MMI hosted, MMI raised $180+ and at the second bake sale, MMI raised $160+ dollars. Our first goal at MMI is to raise $500 dollars for Make-A-Wish. MMI is beginning to come close to this goal and hope to meet this goal in the near future! The second goal MMI has is to raise $3,900. By raising $3,900, MMI will be able to make a child’s wish come true!!

Make-A-Wish is a fantastic charity and MMI is so excited to be getting involved with them! They have been nothing but helpful to MMI as we begin hosting small events. Come out and support MMI events and help us to make wishes come true!!

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MMI Pittsburgh Promotions

At MMI, we are proud to offer promotions in our business ONLY from within our company. We feel that a person can only be promoted to train and lead others if they have experienced the entry level position for themselves. Therefore, MMI employees experience growth within our company, while also helping MMI to also grow.

There are several positions which MMI offers in Pittsburgh.

MMI’s Account Manager position is our entry level position. MMI believes that the foundation of management entails learning entry level skills that are essential to any business. Here at MMI, we believe that skills such as public speaking, strong work ethic, and persistence are essential to develop when growing within a company. At MMI, we establish these fundamental communication skills through face-to-face presentations to business owners and homeowners in the Pittsburgh area. MMI also values time management and organization skills in this position. These skills are key to prospecting, preparing, and executing sales at MMI.

Becoming an Account Executive is the second step in growing within MMI. In this position, the fundamentals of leadership are intertwined into daily activities. The knowledge that is applied daily is now being taught through public speaking and hands-on training. Interviewing, public speaking, and training are three skills MMI looks to develop the most in this position. Developing these skills leads to growth of leadership characteristics, and in turn, growth in MMI.

The promotion to Corporate Trainer at MMI comes when skills learned in the account manager position and skills in the account executive position are further developed. In this position at MMI, the skill of developing of other coaches and recruiters is mastered. This is one of the most difficult skills to master, but it is perfected in this position.

Becoming an Assistant Manager is the next step at MMI. This is where all of the skills that have been developed come together. Training, interviewing, developing, campaign and territory management, payroll, administration, and forming client relationship come together in this position at MMI. These are the skills necessary to form over a period of time in order to run your own marketing firm, similar to MMI, for a Fortune 100 or 500 client.

Becoming a Manager is when all of your hard work at MMI pays off when you are handed the keys to your own firm to run as they see fit to get the results their client is looking for in their new market.

There is a great deal of room for growth within MMI in Pittsburgh. MMI values those who want to grow and develop with our company. Promoting only from within motivates those at MMI to work even harder to achieve their goals. As MMI continues to grow and develop, we are searching for others with the same goals as us in order to achieve continued growth and success!

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MMI Pittsburgh Internships

At MMI Marketing, we are happy to offer internships to current college students. MMI Pittsburgh enjoys the student mentality that college students everywhere possess. Students are eager to learn and grow, while MMI is eager to help students reach their short and long-term goals. MMI values those who do not need to be micro-managed and have strong work ethic. We have found some of our hardest workers to be those who are participating in an internship here at MMI. Many of the internship positions offered at MMI in Pittsburgh are paid internships, which is great for students who are funding their academic career.

I personally am participating in an HR internship at MMI. MMI has given me a great deal of experience in the human resources field. MMI has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and has given me opportunities to take control of certain situations in order to build my confidence. MMI has been more than accommodating with my academic responsibilities and have participated in completing my evaluations timely and efficiently. MMI has worked with students from various colleges including the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University, Indian University of Pennsylvania, California University of Pennsylvania, and many others. I have gained much more experience this summer than I had imagined I would, and I am very grateful to MMI for inviting me to spend my summer working for them.

Though my internship at MMI is for the summer session, MMI offers internships for students during the fall and spring semesters also. MMI is always eager to invite students to work with them because of the energy the students bring into the workplace. Many internships are paid, therefore MMI does not require a student to also be participating in receiving academic credit. MMI is very accommodating to all majors and backgrounds of education because we enjoy having a diverse environment. Majors that students apply to MMI with come from varied backgrounds, but many have majors of marketing, business, psychology, advertising, and public relations. Though those majors are very much valued by MMI, we are open to all majors and backgrounds.

Many of MMI’s interns are going to begin blogging about their experience at MMI in order to give others a better idea of what MMI has to offer. We are very excited to begin interviewing for fall interns at MMI and encourage anyone who is interested in interning at MMI to acquire with us.

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MMI Marketing Supports Local Businesses

MMI Marketing Pittsburgh supports our local Pittsburgh businesses. Each week MMI Marketing tries to visit two new places in Pittsburgh for our team gatherings, one-on-one meetings, and also just to dine after a day of work. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, and we, at MMI Marketing, are always open to trying new cuisine here in our local area.

MMI Marketing is located on the South Side of Pittsburgh and we work with the largest telecommunication, office supply, and energy companies. MMI Marketing’s primary client is Direct Energy and we work with their Duquesne Light customers! Due to our face-to-face approach, MMI Marketing has grown 400% since 2009 and we are planning to open three more offices in 2012! Because of our one-on-one approach, we are able to form both a professional and personal relationships with our customers, which is something we really value at MMI Marketing.

After a day of work, the team members of MMI Marketing enjoy getting together for social gatherings and also business meetings. We, at MMI Marketing, enjoy spending out time outside but we also like to relax inside at a good restaurant. At MMI Marketing, we have found some local favorites, but we are always looking to try a new restaurant. MMI Marketing recently had a team night at Dave and Buster’s at the Waterfront. We really enjoyed ourselves, and of course thank Dave and Buster’s for their hospitality and great service! Because MMI Marketing is located on the South Side of Pittsburgh, there are various restaurants right next door. Some of MMI Marketing’s favorites include Local Bar and Kitchen, Villa, All Star Sports Bar and Grill, Fat Head’s Saloon, Nakama, and The Ugly Dog. All of these establishments have extremely great service, which is one of the many reasons that we love them. It is hard for us to choose an exact favorite because of how enjoyable our experiences have been, but as I said, MMI Marketing is always looking to try new cuisine in the local Pittsburgh Area!

MMI Marketing is starting to work with the Make a Wish foundation in the Greater Pittsburgh Area! We are so excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to begin planning big and small events with them! MMI Marketing previously worked with Operation Smile, a charity that we really value. We have continued raising money for this organization and are excited to take on another charity. We, at MMI Marketing, value this type of work and love to help others in need. MMI Marketing has various ideas of events to set up, big and small. Make a Wish is close to many of our hearts at MMI Marketing and we cannot wait to begin working with them!

The Pittsburgh area is a beautiful location and the team at MMI Marketing is excited to continue visiting various locations in the area. We also look forward to helping out in the community as much as we can!

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Summer at MMI

Now that it is officially summer, the weather is getting hotter and more people are outside enjoying the day. Our employees have expressed how they enjoy being outdoors for some of their day and how they enjoy not being locked up in an office all day. I can agree with these comments. Being stuck inside is not my idea of fun.

Since the weather is getting nicer, people are becoming more active. We, at MMI Marketing, are also becoming more active. We have been looking into local charities and will be attempting to set up a charity event in the very near future. We are extremely excited to begin this process and cannot wait to see the outcomes. Because of our personal success, we want to be able to also give back to the community. We cannot wait to see what the remainder of our summer entails!

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Celebrating a Birthday

Celebrating a birthday before a hard day of work with a “CHEERS” of cupcakes!

Happy Birthday to Jordan!Image

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The Convenience of Direct Marketing– The Way We See It

When people hear the phrase direct marketing, I feel sure that not everyone thinks about the same things. One might think about handing out flyers on the street, posting forms of advertisements, and even calling people on the phone about a certain product. All of these forms of marketing seem pretty direct, right? There is actually a way that is even more direct than the ways I have listed. Here at MMI Marketing, we work with our clients on a face-to-face basis, which is the most direct way yet. If you could think back to a time when you were called about a certain product and maybe you rudely hung up on the person on the phone, or maybe you were that person calling, either way, the experience is not very fun. Phone calls and emails can be inconvenient and even confusing at times. We visit our clients in order to avoid these inconveniences and make the process much easier. Our account managers are extremely personable individuals who excel at at their work because of their ability to connect with clients in a one-on-one setting. By being able to connect in this manner, we are able to build a relationship with our clients rather than just send them a quick email. We trust our clients and they trust us. And, let’s face it, trust makes up the building blocks to any relationship. Because of this, our clients are satisfied and happy with our services to them.

This year we are celebrating our third year of success with working with Verizon and will be taking on a new client, Direct Energy. We’re extremely excited to begin working with Direct Energy and also to continue our success with Verizon. We are expanding rapidly and are even opening two new locations this month! With this success, who knows what will be next! One thing we do know though is that direct marketing has been an extremely effective way for us to work with our clients to gain the success that we have.

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MMI Networking

MMI Networking

Atlanta ~ Keys to Success

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